Fibromyalgia Treatment - Riverside, CA 92506

Fibromyalgia not only consumes sufferers with muscle pain, it also affects the ligaments and tendons in the body. This disease also affects tender points in the body, which include places such as behind the head, in the middle of the shoulder blades, on the shoulders, the front sides of the neck, the inner parts of the knees, and many other places on the body. Pain can be experienced whenever pressure is applied to these parts of the body, making it a difficult for the sufferer to find a comfortable position to sit or lay down in (MayoClinic, 2009).

Although only 2% of the United States population have this disease, people who do suffer from daily aches and pains caused from fibromyalgia can seek relief from pain by seeing a licensed chiropractor such as Dr Ian Harris in Riverside, CA 92506.

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